eGroup – new committee, new synergy

I have just accepted a new position as Secretary of   eGroup is a cooperative of Internet entrepreneurs in Western Australia.

The creative energy and ideas flowing from the new committee are really exciting and it is exactly what one hopes for when people talk about finding “synergy”.

We have secured a presentation for this months meeting by Kris Borgraeve, a TV news journalist who now applies his craft to Internet. He is an expert on the production and application of professional multi-media content for the Internet.   I have suggested all eGroup members leverage this opportunity to invite other  Internet entrepreneurs to this event.  I have used Kris to produce a number of articles for my projects and his work is the best in this field.  Nothing has more impact for a website that a professional crafted, short-n-punchy high-definition video with a balanced counterpoint from an independent news journalist.  This is an event not to be missed.

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