Graeme is CEO/Founder of GoPC.net and lives in San Francisco/Silicon Valley and Perth, Australia.

GoPC.net is a Cloud Platform and App Store that delivers normal desktop applications across the Internet.  Full desktop.   Cloud Delivery.   No Microsoft.

GoPC.net AppStore provisions new applications or service upgrades with a single click, which collapses all the normal barriers to IT adoption for most people (downloads, installs, configuring and hardware dependence).

GoPC.net Virtual Infrastructure provisions an entire PC and Server network from a simple dashboard and eliminates most software license costs.   Anyone can set up a 500 user PC and Server network (or 5 user network) in minutes instead of man-months and save 90% of costs, 90% of logistics and 90% of ongoing support.

GoPC.net was conceived in 1995 and spun out from its parent Central Data Systems in 2005.   It is one of the leaders in cloud computing innovation and continues to evolve rapidly at the forefront of this new industry.

Graeme studied Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science and part of an MBA at the University of Western Australia.  He is a serial entrepreneur with his most successful ventures being Central-Data.net and GoPC.net.    He is an avid kitesurfer and actively promoted kiting safety for several years after recovering from a serious kitesurfing accident.  He was Secretary of the Western Australian Kitesurfing Association (WAKSA.com) and a founding committee member for the first few years of Kitestock.com which became the largest kitesurfing event in the southern hemisphere.   He enjoys fundamental thinking, philosophy and has a strong interest in learning about culture, social evolution and futurism.


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